Diagram of all 14 Stages

Diagram of all 14 Stages








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of the diagram show what stage we most likely shift to once we leave a particular stage.

BLUE / VIOLET = upwards       RED = downwards

    Yet we also experience flash-insights into significantly higher stages that show us how these stages feel like, and thus inspire us to explore these - hitherto unknown - regions.


indicate the maximum time we can stay in each one of the 14 stages, - i.e. how long our awareness can remain in one particular stage before it automatically shifts to a different stage.

  • RED - unlimited duration
  • BLUE / VIOLET - limited duration
  • GREEN - max. 48 minutes
  • ORANGE - few seconds
  • Beyond STAGE 14 our awareness is no longer subjected to time.

    The actual length of time our awareness is engaged in one particular stage we fundamentally determine ourselves:

    - by our desire how fast we want to complete the themes particular to that stage

     - by our decisions towards which themes we actually direct our actions, thoughts and feelings

    - and also by the amount of energy we invest in reaching higher levels.

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Hermann Kuhn
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