Many Are Called, But Who Is CHOOSING ?

- A Personal Note -

You must have heard this saying -'Many are called, but few are chosen'. - Its from a holy book and usually doesn't make sense to anyone. - What does it mean 'to be called', - who does the choosing, - why are there few only, what happens to all others ? - Lots of questions and no hard answers.

Well, here's an explanation.



Being Called

'Being called' means nothing other than getting inspired, enchanted, to become convinced that deep within us there's something so much greater than we are now; that deep within us something is able to clearly understand how this world works, - knows how to find what's beneath it, above it, beyond it, - and how to reach there.

    And that's fascinating, exulting, intoxicating, - far more interesting than always playing in only one, small playing field. It lets us create our own reality along everything we ever dreamt of, and then - once we are done experiencing all this - to move on to higher, even more fantastic levels.

    Well, that's what 'BEING CALLED' means, - to sense what's possible, and to know deeply within that we can really reach it.

    Okay, but who is doing it - the 'CALLING'? What happens, if nobody calls us, - or we just aren't in the right spot when calling takes place, - or we are called and never hear it?

    Relax, - it's much easier. - When we are ready, someone for sure will call us - don't worry.

    And if nobody is around, just call yourself.

    And if you hesitate to call yourself, - because you ask yourself - who am I - small I, - and who gave me authority to do this?

    Well, then let me do the calling.

    So, - for everyone reading or hearing this,  NOW is the time. - NOW I AM CALLING YOU !  - EXACTLY NOW.

    From now into all future - consider yourself called. Consider yourself officially asked to go for 'The Magnificent within you', with everything you have; - go all-out for everything you deeply feel within you, - everything you never dared to look, or lacked the courage for, or didn't know that it was there; - go for that splendid part of yourself that's long been waiting to share your present reality.

    Now you are called.

    And this really means YOU PERSONALLY. - If you were interested enough to read this book up to this point, then you are called. Full stop. Never ever doubt this.



Okay. - Called. - And what about being CHOSEN ? - Wasn't that part of the deal? First the calling, then being chosen, - who wouldn't like to be a chosen one? Who wouldn't like to be taken into the inner circle and be assured of fast progress and certainty of reaching the highest?

    So, who's doing the second part - THE CHOOSING. Who could possibly do that ? - Again the author of this book? - Well, I'd rather not. I'd have to consider each single one of you: - is he or she worthy to be accepted or not - a huge job if you want me to be thorough - and that's the least you'd expect of me. It's very time-consuming and I wouldn't be too happy if I'd got stuck with it.

    But let's just assume I accept this task. How would I decide? How could I possibly decide? - For sure I'd choose all of you, each single one, because you all have that potential.

    But then the sentence should read - 'Many are called and  ALL  those are chosen', - which it doesn't. Out of the many only a few are specially selected. - See, I am the wrong guy for the job, I'm far too generous.

    Who else may choose? - Gurus? Priests? - Well, at best these guys are also called - but are they chosen? - Can someone not chosen do the choosing? How would we know they have authority to choose in the first place? What if they tell you they had authority, but actually don't. What if you pay them big money to ensure being chosen, and then they can't do it, though they told you they could? Well - better safe than sorry - let's just leave the holy ones out of the choosing game, too many strange things have happened around these guys. Let's rather see who else is there.

    God? - Wouldn't God be perfect, impartial, best suited?

    But - wouldn't He face the same problem as all other 'judges'? - How does He discriminate, along which criteria does He select? - And what if He selected not you - but someone you don't like, - wouldn't you be angry, sad, sorry, left out, feeling unjustly treated, rejected? - Would God do such thing? Wouldn't He also choose all - to not hurt all others? - No, God can't do that - choose only a few and reject everyone else.

    Who else is there? Some other - even higher - being? Some GOD of Gods? Some body or thing that is above all? -

    Too far away from this present reality. It's far easier; and don't be surprised:

YOU YOURSELF do the choosing.

    You yourself are the only one capable of doing it in the first place. Because only you know best how far you progressed and how ready you are.

    And how do you do this choosing? - Simple. - ACT ! - Follow that inner path you deeply sense inside, that path you feel attracted to, - the path that triggers that special thrill whenever you only think about it. - Never doubt you have this path! - Remember, you are called, so you do have it inside of you.

    So what to do now? - What's a chosen one supposed to do? -

    Again easy. - Make that special effort to get out of your present cloud of whatever you are entangled in now. Make the effort to become what you only dreamt of so far, - and do it even if you are afraid of it, or if it seems impossible.

    Only you know what you'd really like to be, - only you know what it takes to bring this out, - only you decide to start. If you really begin something new, if you really start on your path, that's how you do the choosing. That's how you become a CHOSEN one. That's how you choose yourself.


And Again

But - once is never enough. - You have to do it again and again, this choosing yourself, - you have to decide anew each time you come to a crossroads. You cannot lay back and say 'Well, I am chosen, enlightenment is ensured - nothing else to do today, let's go to the beach.' Sorry, it doesn't work that way. You need to choose anew all the time, - and you need to choose growth over that well known, easy and comfortable path that doesn't challenge you. You have to decide again and again to become more, better, greater, wiser, - only then you are and will stay chosen.

    And this costs energy at first, then more energy as your see clearer what restricted circumstances you are entangled in, and you put in effort after effort and nothing seems brighter, and you are tempted to give up ten thousand times.

    And then one day it's done, then it dawns. Then you see through the game and know what works, - how your life works, how really to steer it.

    And then you find yourself showing this to others, - like I do now, - showing others what you were shown long time ago. And then you wonder - How did I ever get here, - I really didn't do much - except that I now know how it works.

L I F E    B E C O M E S

W H A T    W E   I N V E S T    I N   I T

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Hermann Kuhn
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