How to Begin

Now you may ask: - 'How can I PERSONALLY access all my dormant inner dimensions?' - 'How can I experience all this myself?' -

Well, - first of all, - don't see it as grave obligation or a heavy load. Take it as an adventure, - a romantic quest into a new and fascinating world, - a thrilling voyage of discovery, - as an exciting game.

There's no reason not to enjoy your venture. Being grave, solemn or glum won't help at all in discovering higher dimensions.

Play with it, - and get enchanted while you discover undreamt of, fantastic abilities within yourself.

What to do? - Well, - acquaint yourself with the (14) stages ahead of you, then try out the following five suggestions.



1 - Become Aware of the Many Higher Insights You Already Have NOW

Start valuing your 'strange moments of clarity', even if they are brief and fleeting. Realize that these flashes grant insight into hidden layers of your consciousness. Become aware of these messages from deep within yourself.

    - And then recall how you felt during these insights, reawaken the corresponding emotions, focus on them. This activates the more advanced modes of your awareness.


2 - Always Go For The Highest

If you can choose between a comfortable and an uncomfortable path, - take the uncomfortable one, that's the right one.

    Why? -

    See, you already know the comfortable path, - otherwise how would you possibly know that it is easier. The familiar always feels more comfortable. It's the unknown that makes us uneasy and awkward.     Facing the unknown always takes more energy than the familiar.

    Choose the uncomfortable path. It leads you out of the known circle of your life. It makes you break your boundaries. It enables you to find something new in the first place.


3 - Really DO What You Intend To Do


Start living
what you wanted to experience all along. Confront the challenges you always wanted to meet.

    Try out the new paths you long for deep inside. Change now all factors of your life you felt need changing for a long time.

    Don't procrastinate. Don't lose yourself in endless, pointless preparation. Learn what to do by doing it.

    And don't seek too much advise. Advise from well-meaning friends and relatives is the main cause why new ventures fail. Especially people close to you more often than not have not the slightest intention to really understand and encourage what you are reaching for.

    You shape your very own, individual path according to your own desires. If you are serious about it, you're highly sure in what you do, - you don't need council or approval from those heading into entirely different directions.

    And if you don't know what to do? - If nothing comes to your mind how to find your path to inner expansion, then -


4 - Make a List

Make a list of all the things you'd like to do or to become. Write down your aspirations, hopes, fantasies, ideals and dreams, everything that comes to your mind, even if it seems utterly absurd and doesn't lead into a spiritual direction.

  • Write down the things you want to learn, to master, to apply
  • Write down the situations you want to encounter, the places to visit, - what kind of people you want to meet, and what you'd like to experience with them
  • Write down the honors you desire, the money you'd like to have, - and what you'll do with it once you attained it all
  • Write down the challenges you want to meet - and how much excitement they should bring to your life
  • Write down the adventures you want to prove yourself in, - and how much risk you are prepared to face on these ventures without known outcome.

    Never censure your thoughts while you are writing, - never judge if your desires are feasible or not, whether they look comfortable or not, whether society accepts them, or whether you're afraid of them. Do not even put them in any sequence - like what to do first, what takes priority, what is most or least feasible.

    All this comes later. During this first step just define that colorful part of yourself you haven't manifested yet.

    And never regard this list closed. This is only your very first list, add more items at any time you like.

    Now arrange this list according to your preferences.

    Then do whatever is necessary to playfully realize all your ideas, desires, fantasies and aspirations. -

all you always really wanted to be !

  • This gives you assuredness, charisma and power
  • It shows you entirely new areas of life
  • It alerts you to ways dreams manifest
  • It broadens your inner perception
  • It intensifies your life and
  • It frees you from dormant desires.

    Enjoy it! - And at one sure point in time you'll notice that you became all you ever wanted to be and to experience.

    Now your emotions and mind are free to explore higher stages. Now you perceive the higher horizons that previously were clouded by dormant desires you did release through action.

    There is no need to hasten this process, but start RIGHT NOW and keep at it steadily.


5 - Be Courageous - Don't Fear

And finally - be courageous in your quest into the unknown. Nearly all our fears are wholly imaginary and - in time - fade by themselves. Just recall some of these bygone dreads to realize how totally redundant they were.

    Sure, - all intentional confronting of situations whose outcome we can't foresee may cause initial fear or apprehension. But don't be afraid of this 'initial fear' itself. Don't permit fears to run your life.

    You cannot escape fear by avoiding situations you believe will produce fear. This merely shifts this negative emotion to other situations, persons or objects.

    Courageously confront your fears, realize how unnecessary they are, and then be free of them.

    Pericles - Greek admiral and statesman (495-429 BC) successfully defended Athens against huge outside aggression and brought about its highest bloom. His stance is as vital today as it was at his times -

'Knoweth -

the secret of happiness is


but freedom's secret is


Practical Tips



  • LIVE  Instead of Watching TV
    Stop watching TV if you want inner growth. TV takes all your creativity and focus and dumps it into triviality.

        It gives you NOTHING in return.

        You may think - as billions others do - you only watch little and then only select programs of high cultural value.

        But - don't kid yourself. Your TV runs all the time. And though it grabs your focus only now and then, it still blunts your perception what lines of action lead to inner growth and which don't.

        Extract yourself fully from this debilitating power. Get rid of these machines, throw them away.

  • Live Vegetarian
    Switching to vegetarian food promotes subtle insights. There is not scientific proof, but ample first-hand experience of many people.

        So - give it a try. Stop eating meat or fish in any form for two whole months. Four to six weeks after the switch you'll experience first results - clarity of mind, a feeling of lightness in your body and ease of comprehension.

        Then decide whether you prefer this clarity to the brief taste of meat or fish.

        But - if you go for this test - eat 100% vegetarian for the entire time. Don't break it once, not even for a party or any other reason. Otherwise you won't feel any effect.

  • Complete All Unfinished Business
    Keeping unfinished business in check takes far more time and energy than just completing it.

        Free yourself from this burden. Conclude all unfinished matters. Once you accomplished this, your life switches into a new, far more intense mode.

  • Transfer Activities
    others can perform better or derive more joy from.

        Positions and objects you have outgrown easily turn into obstacles that block all progress. Let go such (limiting) factors. This makes you aware of bigger tasks, - this lets you recognize paths to expansion previously closed to you.

        And you give others opportunity to prove themselves at tasks you already concluded.

        Transferring activities means to give up objects, power, influence etc. to those who (initially) might show far less skill and experience in these tasks than you do.

  • This Is Only For  YOU !
    This book was written for YOU, and only concerns YOU. Never read it with the question in mind whether your neighbor, or the plumber down the road, or someone of a different country or culture may understand it as well, or if it could have helped people in the past.

        Don't make your understanding dependent on whether other people may comprehend it as well. Just test this approach if it can give you insight how to steer your life now, - this helps others more than you may think.

  • Go 'Prime-Time'
    If life looks dull with nothing really attracting you, - then do what you're doing NOW as best as you can.

        We tend to perform 'routine-work' mechanically, as fast as possible and often thoughtlessly. Yet this degrades large chunks of our life as uninteresting, as 'second-rate'. The more we do this, the less we live 'Prime-Time' and the more we feel victim to petty, boring events, - till in the end life as a whole looks dull.

        Yet there's a simple remedy against this type of monotony:

    Do  EVERYTHING  you do
    with the same precision and focus
    you use for 'important' events.

        Initially this might feel strange or even ridiculous, - but very soon all areas of your life get filled with vibrant vividness - and then you always live 'Prime-Time'.

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Hermann Kuhn
'Unlimited Horizons'

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