Dead-Sure Investment

Death is a highly overrated experience. Neither is it as final as religions want us to believe, nor is this an unknown sensation.


Death is nothing other than our consciousness leaving our current body.

    We do this at least once every day, - when we fall asleep and our consciousness shifts into dream. It feels entirely natural to not take our physical body with us on this venture. As it stays behind in bed, we slip into a 'dream-body' that feels as real to us as our material form. And even while dreaming we often shift into other 'dream-bodies' without wasting a thought about it.

    Now - we may take dreaming for just a peculiar variant of our overall material reality, - a slightly altered state, during which we mentally recapitulate bygone activities. Sure - this is the common view, - but be aware that this is just an hypothesis, a hazy idea, - and a bad one at that. Without the slightest proof it just labels this state as irrelevant, but does not even try to find out what really happens while we sleep.

    This common view has no clue why sometimes dreams give us solutions to problems by offering utterly novel perspectives, - or why they inspire inventions and works of art, as inventors and artists often describe.

    It doesn't explain the many extraordinary abilities we have in our dreams - how we are able to fly, to manifest objects from 'thin air', or why - after taking that deep plunge at the end of many dreams - we always wake up in another body within an altogether different (dream-) environment.

    It doesn't explain why we always take our 'I', our identity, our entire awareness with all its abilities, insights and feelings with us when we leave our physical body to enter a dream.

    Yet exactly this same mechanism we experience when at the time of death we permanently leave our present 'material' body. - In death we also take with us all our consciousness, all our knowledge, all our abilities and emotions, and certainly all our distinct uniqueness, - that center of all our perceptions.

    'Dying' just means not to return to an environment we currently are familiar with. Dying means to break up all dead ends, stagnation and impossible situations we might have got entangled in in our present life. It means to start out with a new young body in a fresh environment.

    Our consciousness neither becomes 'nothingness' nor does it get annihilated, nor do we enter eternal 'heaven', 'hell', or any faceless nirvana. As long as we desire to see our ideas and longings manifest in physical, material form, for as long will we get chances to experience them. And then - once this desire is utterly satisfied - we again become the magnificent, sovereign being each one of us feels deeply inside, - immensely enriched by the material circumstances we voluntarily subjected ourselves to.


We Don't Fear Death

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What we are afraid of is not death. What troubles us is dying, - is the dread of pain and anguish and the great nameless unknown at our end.

    Yet here again our dreams show us a different picture. When we die in dreams in violent ways - like falling from great heights - we always shift out of the body before it hits the ground, - we always remove our consciousness, our identity, our 'I' from the doomed body before it is destructed.

    This same mechanism also applies to any physical form our consciousness takes on. When we experience too great a pain or shock, we faint, fall unconscious to this world, while our 'I' enters an altogether different layer to perceive a far more peaceful mode of being. There are abundant reports of this type of encounter.

    Yet few people ever die a violent death. Most people peacefully shift out while they are sleeping. The current widespread fear of pain and violence is mostly caused by garish media-hype.

    And as for feeling anguish and fear of the mysterious unknown towards our end, - why not become familiar with a more practical concept than what religions propagate. Why not know exactly where we are going once we leave our present body and environment for good?

    Why not invest a bit of time to get familiar with how our consciousness really works, especially during exceptional moments - instead of leaving this to our very last half hour when it's too late to change something substantial.

    Even some little knowledge of this kind relieves of great fear.


Dead-Sure Investment

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Before investing money in a new company we carefully investigate if it is profitable. Yet into 'death' we invest everything - all we own, all our status and standing in society, even our very dear life - into some business we know nothing about, into a business that with dead certainty fundamentally alters all our being, - into an undertaking we are not sure will even give us a return.

    So why not think a bit further ahead than just our current body and environment. Why not understand the entire game ! To know exactly where we are heading. -

    This gives us priceless insight which ones of our current goals and strategies will be effective in the very long run - and what we need to change while there's still time.

  • We know that it's impossible to take belongings (houses, money, valuables) with us - neither to our dreams, nor when we leave this physical reality for good -

           - yet we keep on amassing toys and property as if we could transfer it all.

  • We know that rank and titles cease at our death -

           - yet we keep going for ever grander status only to lose all in the end.

  • And certainly we sense that egoistic pressure always reverts to its originator -

           - yet we keep dominating others only to suffer the same kind of suppression in our next life(s).

It pays to know what really we can take with us -

  • real love we give and receive, - all insights we really live, - all genuinely integrated abilities, - the deep desire to master a certain task.

It pays to know what types of action will cause more satisfying future life(s) -

  • manifesting now our innermost ideas and inspirations, though this takes effort and may seem uncomfortable at first.

And it pays to know how to extract our awareness from its current incessant shifting from dreams to physical reality and back -

  • the longing to again become that sovereign, majestic being we sense within, - and confronting our remaining challenges to access ever higher levels until we reach that goal.

    All this not only enriches any far future, but all our present life as well.

    You want to know if this is true? - Try it out, - mere theoretical discussing will never get your there.

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Author:  Hermann Kuhn
'Unlimited Horizons'

Copyright 2008 Crosswind Publishing, Wunstorf, Germany

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