Stage 9 - Expansion of Self

  • In everyone we see, we recognize ourselves

  • limited


Up to STAGE 8 we focus on differences when we meet other people (to confirm 'how much better WE are').

    While growing into  STAGE  9  these differences lose all importance. Our focus now shifts to similarities - to what is identical  within us and others.

    Like superfluous skin we strip off emotions and thoughts directed towards differences.

    As we advance, only emotions and thoughts subtle enough to persist on higher levels remain in our perception. Their content focuses on what is identical, - which is immensely broader and reaches far deeper than any dissimilarity.

    Where before we only knew our 'small', forever self-centered, self-contemplating, individual 'I', - our awareness now widens to encompass all human beings within sight.

    In all human beings we see, we perceive ourselves.

    We share in their experiences as if we gained them ourselves. We partake in all their insights. And we feel deep compassion for their particular paths.

    This is no philosophical statement, but a most intense experience that massively widens all our concepts how this world functions.

    If this radical expansion of reality exhausts us, we may at will return to lower stages to 'catch our breath'. Yet after some time we become familiar with this expanded perception and consciously shift to STAGE 9 again.

Difficult Communication
Though we would like to, we are unable to communicate our expanded awareness to others.

    We directly experience what is identical in them and us. We actually feel ONE with them. Yet the others - i.e. all those below STAGE 9 - remain steeped in their focus on differences. They cannot understand our experience, because they only want to see what fits into their (limiting) ideas.

    We only can inspire them to start their own expansion of awareness.


Vibrant Sleep

From STAGE 9 onwards sleep and tiredness diminish. This brings the entirely new experience of 'vibrant sleep'.

    Vibrant sleep is a lucid wakefulness of our mind while our body stays in a state of deep rest. The experience is agreeable.

    In the beginning we might mistake it for sleeplessness since we do not feel the accustomed oblivion of dream or deep sleep, and our consciousness does not blank out of our body.

    Yet in the morning we feel totally rested though we were alert all during the time this state lasted. Vibrant sleep usually happens while we rest at night.

    When we confront this phenomenon the first time we may worry why we don't 'fall asleep' as we are accustomed to. Here it is recommended to remain unperturbed, allow our body to stay in deep rest and watch our thoughts drift by. After some nights we notice that body and mind are rested deeper than ever before and full of vibrant energy.

    Even in less advanced stages sleep and deep sleep may cease to block us for some time so that we experience vibrant sleep.

    'Vibrant sleep' is easy to distinguish from sleeplessness. Sleeplessness is not caused by the transition to a higher stage, but originates in continued overtaxing of our physical and non-physical senses. Furthermore - after a 'sleepless' night we are dead tired and not filled with vibrant energy.


How to Access STAGE 10


Briefly before we ascend to Stage 10 we end

  • anger (impatience)
  • arrogance (pride)
  • manipulation (the impulse to deceive others)

    Though these three obstructive tendencies merely surface as mild emotions in STAGE 9, their ever so slight egoistic urge blocks further progress.

    By dissolving anger, arrogance and manipulation we rid ourselves of three of the four main mechanisms that up till now prevented us to perceive reality with unimpeded clarity. Terminating the fourth and last obstructing mechanism - addiction (greed) - is the main theme of STAGE 10.

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Hermann Kuhn
'Unlimited Horizons'

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