Stage 8 - New Inner Powers


  • Discovering new, unknown abilities


  • limited


In  STAGE  8
  our comprehension expands into a whole new class of thoughts. Entirely new abilities of cognition and of steering our material reality open up.

    We become real busy in identifying deep-seated desires and fears that were inaccessible before, and deactivating or neutralizing them.

    Though mild negative emotions still arise, we experience immense delight in either dissolving them or checking their consequences.

Advance to STAGE 9
Shortly before ascending STAGE 9, we shed obstructive moods that distort our perception of reality: - worry, - fear and insecurity, - boredom, dissatisfaction, exhaustion, - disgust, indignation, aversion, - gloating, - the urge to constantly seek (new) sexual partners.

    Once as we shed these mechanisms, we proceed to STAGE 9.

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Hermann Kuhn
'Unlimited Horizons'

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