Stage 2 - Downfall


  • Transitory stage on our way down
  • Clarity of STAGE 4 only a vague memory


  • Few seconds


  is a brief interim level we transit while our focus shifts down from Stage 3 to Stage 1.

    The clear understanding we still could have regained in Stage 3 is already lost with only a vague memory remaining. As we feel clarity slipping away, a notion of helpless regret briefly passes our emotions.

    More and more the hypnotic emotional cocoon of Stage 1 takes hold of our awareness.

    Flawed impressions of what is real and what is not intensify. With pride and smugness rising we begin to regard our confining views as the only valid ones.

    The time spent in this stage lasts only seconds.

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Author:  Hermann Kuhn
'Unlimited Horizons'

Copyright 2008 Crosswind Publishing, Wunstorf, Germany

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