Stage 13 - Total Knowledge


  • Expanding our awareness to encompass the totality of knowledge


  • either brief -
  • or teaching for a longer period


In  STAGE  13
  our awareness expands to encompass the totality of knowledge and all its features and manifestations in past, present and future.

    This expansion happens automatically as soon as desires, dreads and limiting ideas cease to restrict our consciousness. Though we still are encased in our material (bodily) environment, this now does not affect the vastness of our consciousness any more. Once we intentionally reach this state, we never lose it again.

We Are Familiar With This State
Though 'the totality of knowledge' seems far from our present reality, we often receive a taste of this ability. These are the strange seconds or even minutes between dream and waking when we are still within our dream, but just become aware of the waking state.

    In this 'in-between' state we often command immensely complex, multidimensional knowledge that would solve all riddles of the world if we could only take it with us.

    Even if after waking up completely we shake our head with incredulity and discard the experience because we can't explain it, that whiff of multidimensional insight nevertheless was real for us as long as it lasted. We definitely felt it, however fleeting it was. It is not less authentic only because we didn't experience it during our waking state.

    This whiff gives us an idea how naturally, comfortable, inspired and entirely without awe we handle this vast perception. It shows multidimensional insight to be much less alien and far more accessible than ever thought.


Practical Tips

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  • All-comprehensive perception is not triggered by any external means. It is the complete unfolding of our consciousness by its own inherent powers.

  • We do not experience this state through our mind, since the mind cannot handle a multitude of events and objects simultaneously . (To process multiple parallel events our mind rapidly switches between perceptions.)

        What we experience is the direct perception of our entire consciousness - unencumbered by any of the preconceptions and beliefs our mind usually maintains.

  • As long as time still influences us, we experience the world as a chain of events that lead us to ever deeper and more comprehensive insights. While focusing on STAGE 1 to 12 new insights appear to us like the end-result of a sequence of events.

        Yet a time of emergence of an insight exists only in these (lower) stages. In the state of all-comprehensive knowledge our consciousness ceases to be influenced by time. Concepts like 'consecutive', simultaneous' or 'sequence' now do not apply to us any more. There is no 'evolution' of insights as we know it presently.

        In this state we perceive all elements of this universe and their features and manifestations in past, present and future simultaneously.


Knowledge vs. Data

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Our present time believes it impossible to carry the totality of knowledge within. Knowing how much effort it takes to gain insight into a limited field alone, the sheer volume of exponentially growing information makes it appear impossible to be in command of all the data of this world.

    Yet this amassing external data is not what is meant here.

    The mass of external data we generally interpret as 'knowledge' is at best raw material. It has no impact on us as long as we do not actively integrate it into our consciousness. Information recorded in books or other storage media tends to stay in the books when we need it most.

    We experience this e.g. at the time of exams, when to our horror knowledge we studied for months or even years suddenly is blanked from our consciousness. This drastically demonstrates that formal data all by itself does not produce knowledge.

    Access to real knowledge deeply ingrained in our consciousness is instantaneous, spontaneous and comprehensive. We are able to retrieve it at the spur of any moment, - and do this all the time.

    In STAGE 13 this type of immediate, effortless access broadens to encompass the totality of knowledge.


Teaching in Stage 13

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If we desire to teach in this stage, we transfer our know-how to others. Once this wish is completed, we continue to STAGE 14.

    Without this tendency, we stay only briefly.

    Activity is the only influence we are still subjected to. This last bond we dissolve in STAGE 14.

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Hermann Kuhn
'Unlimited Horizons'

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