Stage 11 - First Real Power


  • First glimpse of the real power and majesty of our consciousness


  • limited


In  STAGE  11
  we get a first glimpse of the real splendor and majesty of our consciousness beyond the limits of this universe.

    While on this stage we experience our existence inside the limited material frame of the body as only a small part of our being, - like a puppet-master who directs his figurines through an animated performance, but for himself commands an immeasurably greater, cosmic understanding that extends far beyond all meaning of the enacted play.

    Our eyes look upon the activities of the corporeal part of our self with boundless loving understanding and in infinite peace and certainty that all paths our embodied self may choose will bring it to the desired goal, - irrespective of how much our 'small' self in bodily form understands this process, or how troubled it is by the events it confronts.

    We recognize the real nature of our existence, because all desires that previously prevented this perception are currently deactivated. As we briefly extricate our consciousness from all limiting influences, we get a first glimpse of the total freedom of our greater Self.

Informed Decision
This temporary insight into our real, magnificent character enables us to consciously decide when to dissolve our last emotional attachment to limiting ideas. We now do not blindly enter an unknown, mysterious state, but know exactly where we go, when we choose to regain ultimate freedom.

    At the end of our stay on STAGE 11 the desires we disabled to obtain this vision activate again. Our longing for further experiences within material limits again takes over our awareness and we go back to STAGE 7, 8, 9 or 10. From there we may ascend again.

    Once we choose the complete dissolution of our remaining desires (see STAGE 7 - ALTERNATIVE 2), we skip this stage and proceed directly from STAGE 10 to STAGE 12.

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Hermann Kuhn
'Unlimited Horizons'

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