Stage 10 - Free From All Addiction

  • Suspending or dissolving the most subtle forms of greed and addiction


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The theme of  STAGE  10 
is neutralizing the last great obstacle to unimpeded clear perception of reality: - addiction and greed.
We already dissolved all stronger intensities of this egoistic urge in lower stages, yet its more subtle forms reach up to this high stage. Greed in its subtlest form may manifest as

  • impatience
  • as the desire to re-enact situations or emotions we already experienced many times before

  • as the desire that others should recognize our special path to freedom

  • as longing for a great number of disciples

    As long as we give in to this urge, we value one small sector of our environment so disproportionately important that we are incapable of perceiving the whole world as 'our creation'.

    Towards the end of STAGE 10 we perceive with great clarity that energy needs to flow freely throughout our reality. We recognize that by concentrating it at specific points - no matter what noble goals motivate us - we cause distortions.


Access to STAGE 11

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Shortly before we access STAGE 11 we deactivate the last subtle influence greed and addiction hold over us. Thus we neutralize the last of the four main mechanisms that prevented our clear perception of reality (the other three - anger, arrogance, manipulation - were neutralized in STAGE 9).

    In STAGE 11 we - for the first time - see the world (and us) without these restrictions.


How to Access STAGE 12

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If we decided to totally dissolve our remaining desires, we skip STAGE 11.

    Towards the end of STAGE 10 we end greed and addiction completely. This removes the last factor that still obstructed our perception of reality. Now the path to ultimate freedom is open.

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Hermann Kuhn
'Unlimited Horizons'

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