Stage 7 - Acceleration

  • Desires and fears cease to overshadow our consciousness


  • PHASE 1 - max 48 min

    unlimited cycles during which
    we experience STAGE 7 to 11,
    yet which always lead back
    to STAGE 7

    after some cycles
    breakthrough to STAGE 12


From  STAGE  7  onward
our focus turns towards the true majesty of our consciousness. More and more we perceive its real grandeur which was hidden from our view so long.

In STAGE 7 we enter the second half of the 14 stages (to be precise: - when we transit from the first to the second phase of STAGE 7).

    Here we experience an incredible acceleration in comprehension and perception that compares to an e-curve. (An e-curve shows a long starting-phase with very little change, but then rapidly increases in dynamic to lead to unimaginable heights in very short time.)

    The point where the curve turns upwards to ever greater velocity corresponds to this current acceleration of our expansion.

We experience STAGE 7 in two Phases -



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PHASE 1 stabilizes the perception of our sovereign higher self that began to unfold during STAGE 6.

    This phase is characterized by rapid oscillations between STAGE 6 and STAGE 7. For a maximum of 48 minutes we experience STAGE 7 and then fall back to STAGE 6. Here we also stay only briefly, before we ascend again.

    We experience this as frequent alternation between joyous excitement for the new dimensions opening up within us and doubt and worry that hold us back. Our excitement draws us up, while doubt and worry (i.e. our attachment to familiar themes of lower levels) pull us down.

    After some time we become familiar with the perception of our higher, sovereign self and adjust to the increased energies and new meanings this brings to our life. Our oscillations diminish.

    We begin to perceive how our emotions, desires and ideas magnetically attract the exact conditions in which we can physically experience these longings. We now use this insight to actively structure perfect circumstances for growth.

    We can accelerate this process by sustaining our superior, peaceful perception of STAGE 7 instead of succumbing to the limiting emotional attachments that characterize lower levels.

    While in PHASE 1, we have no insights into higher stages.

Worry about the reactions of our fellow people
Anxiety whether we'd still be able to act 'normal' after a substantial expansion of our awareness, and worry how our social environment would react to major changes within us, are residues of past attachments that soon dissolve completely.

    The higher the dimensions we discover within us, the more our fears dissolve. The more we reassume our inborn, natural freedom, the more our confidence, inner security and comprehension grow.

    The purpose of reality is to enable the physical experience of all our desires (and fears). We can be sure that our reality will manifest exactly the security or the adventure or the drama for which we long. If we want to experience security at this particular point, we just create this safe environment.


Transiting to PHASE 2

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As we shift to PHASE 2 of STAGE 7 we are caught in a sweeping current that pulls our awareness up into ever wider perception and comprehension. Where before we needed effort to reach higher levels, we now are carried by a surge of boundless energy and inspiration.

    The transition between the first and second phase happens in three short steps:

  • During the first step we reduce the intensity of the main negative emotions - anger, arrogance (pride), dishonesty, addiction (greed) - to their minimum.

        We realize that these emotions always affect only a limited area of our life.

        We recognize e.g. that anger we feel towards a particular person or situation needs not necessarily spoil our entire feeling of life.

        We identify the subject our anger is focused on, reduce the irritation to its really relevant (i.e. limited) range, evaluate it dispassionately and then leave it behind by consciously rising above it.

  • During the second step we experience an incredible acceleration of our thoughts. Thousands upon thousands of thinking hours become compressed to mere seconds, to mere flashes of mental images.

        Thinking and intuition merge into one. Towering consequences build on each other in our awareness, but with a precise grasp on reality as clear as never before.

        Within minutes we gain access to dimensions of consciousness entirely unimaginable on lower levels. The higher we go, the more natural and comfortably we handle the fantastic features of our consciousness that now become reality.

  • Step 3 - As we rapidly extend the scope of our comprehension, we recognize the real origin of any restricting circumstances within us and comprehend why they attract us again and again.

        We dissolve all bonds that obstruct our upward path. We extract our focus from those parts of reality that restrict us.

        Once this is complete, the second phase of STAGE 7 reveals itself.

PHASE 2 of STAGE 7 offers TWO alternatives for further progress -



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our remaining desires

On this path we render most our remaining desires inactive (but do not dissolve them). This deactivating of our desires enables us to ascend up to STAGE 11.

    We do not have to experience STAGE 7 to 11 sequentially. We may e.g. choose to directly access STAGE 11 to receive the special insight available on this level. We may later go back at will to explore the stages we sidestepped.

    Yet we are unable to retain our focus on STAGE 11 and soon fall back to lower levels.

    We cannot rise beyond STAGE 11 as long as inactive (yet unfulfilled) desires block further progress.

    Only by choosing ALTERNATIVE 2 will we advance beyond STAGE 11.



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our remaining desires

This second alternative bypasses STAGE 11. It leads via STAGE 8, 9, 10,  12, 13 to STAGE 14 and then to ultimate freedom.

    Initially - till all residual desires for lower levels are dissolved - this second alternative also only takes us up to STAGE 11. Yet once these longings are completely satisfied, we break through to STAGE 12.

    By choosing the second alternative we decide irrevocably to regain the full freedom and grandeur of our (higher) self. We leave behind the dream-like regions that up until now restricted our awareness to very narrow limits.

    At this stage none of our previous desires remain unfulfilled. We experienced each and every material constellation we wanted to experience and even any (nostalgic) longing for continual re-runs is fully satisfied.


Pleasure and Pain

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In STAGE 7 and above pleasure and pain still manifest as we knew it on lower levels. Yet this type of experience now hardly attracts our attention.

    Our awareness is far more drawn towards perceiving our sublime, eternal nature we could not recognize while entangled in matter. With intense joy we feel radiant bliss nearby that attracts us far more than any pleasure or pain lower stages may offer.

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Hermann Kuhn
'Unlimited Horizons'

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