Stage 6 - Freedom From Pain


  • Freedom from emotional pain
  • Freedom from patterns of the past


  • PHASE 1 - limited duration
  • PHASE 2 - max 48 min


Reaching  STAGE  6 
moves us beyond emotional pain.

    Up to STAGE 5 we deem life only interesting when we feel a strange mixture of sensual and emotional excitement, apprehension and mild worry. In this state of thrill, we balance between excitement and emotional pain, - a state slightly out of the ordinary with heightened awareness of all our surroundings and feelings.

    One example: We only need to remember times when we soon had to leave someone we dearly loved. Though still together with our beloved, we already felt the pangs of loss. This strange mixture of ache and joy is what characterizes 'interesting times' in STAGE 1 to 5.

    On STAGE 6 we now move beyond this type of luscious pain.

Ecstatic First Experience
The first experience of this stage feels highly ecstatic. Immense relief sweeps all our being, dissolving all our worries and fears. For the first time in life we are beyond the up and down of our feelings that so often made us swing between emotional ice and heat. Unknown heights of serenity, sovereignty and elation open up within us. It is as if an inner light is being switched on. -

    This breakthrough gives us the ultimate solid confirmation that we really are entering dimensions of awareness entirely unimaginable on lower stages.

Dissolving Patterns of the Past
We realize how severely the thought- and emotional patterns of our past and the expectations (and dreads) we project onto the future limit our perception of the present. We recognize these deep-rooted patterns in such clarity that we can easily break free from their restrictive influence.

    One by one preconceptions, beliefs, emotions and prejudices that up to this moment locked our hopes and expectations into narrow limits, fall off like superfluous crusts. The tight band of events we previously felt and thought was our only conceivable path, now appears like a confining tube in which our life ran from a restrictive past into an equally restricting future. Our awareness begins to perceive the huge world outside this tube.

    For the first time we become aware that our real personality is far greater than the small part we perceive of it within the frame of our incarnations.

    We now are free to choose entirely new lines of thoughts and actions independent of previous mental and emotional patterns. A feeling of universal love rises within us, unconstrained by any egoistic expectation and demand.

    In the beginning we feel like intoxicated as this immense potential opens up for our life.


Yet our superior experience is not stable. We drift in and out of this state. One moment we are deeply shaken by worries and fears that challenge us on lower levels, - and in the next our awareness propels us high above these narrow bounds and enables us to imperviously observe them from a distant, uninvolved perspective.


The Key to Stabilizing this Stage

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Consciously rising above the emotional attachment to lower themes of life is the essential key to stabilizing STAGE 6.

This is how it's done:
If we experience just once how STAGE 6 feels like - even if only for a short time - we become able to reach it deliberately.

    The euphoria we experience when entering this stage the very first time is our anchor. This highly specific, intense feeling of serenity and inner peace tells us where to direct our emotions.

    Whenever a lower level entangles us (again) in confining emotional or material circumstances, we now can deliberately choose to either keep on experiencing the familiar painful feelings or to rise above them to the serenity of STAGE 6. To rise above we only need to direct attention to the anchor point - to how we felt on the higher stage, - then all painful feelings dissipate immediately.

Our very decision to keep on focusing
on the higher stage
is what causes our ascent.

    We do not try to remove factors that 'produced' our attachment to lower levels, we don't 'renounce' material condition, we only extract our awareness from these confining bounds. We simply choose to orient towards far more attractive, sovereign and serene dimensions within us. We let go our attachment to some parts of the material world because we recognize how much they constrain the bandwidth of our consciousness.

    The restricting conditions might well continue to exist, - but only on a lower stage that now hardly holds our attention. Since we invest no further energy in them, they completely cease to engage our attention after some time.

A Period of Lessening Excitement
As we begin to orient towards this higher understanding, we sometimes miss the thrill the lower stages evoked. We feel as if life suddenly lacks in excitement, - as if we lost something vital.

    Such experience gets triggered by reminiscing about heady, fast-moving, but bygone activities. The feeling of loss can be intense and may occur repeatedly.

    Yet these encounters last only limited time. They pass faster when we purposely direct our life towards the expansive future opening up before us now. Inner expansion provides far greater fascination than any mixture of thrill and pain could ever offer.


From Now On WE Are In Command

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From STAGE 6 onwards access to higher levels becomes a conscious decision. - If we reject to reach for more expansive dimensions, we continue to stay in lower stages; - if we decide for higher experience, we ascend. We now have the power to direct our focus exactly where we want to - thus our expansion becomes exclusively our own responsibility.

    One example: We all know the hurt when a person we love does not return our affections. When this hurt gets triggered, it often overshadows all our emotions and severely distracts our mind. Once we decide to rise to STAGE 6, we recognize this hurt as a mere minor cloud that overshadows only a small area of our awareness - an awareness far larger than we perceived on STAGE 5.


Practical Tips

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  • Limiting themes still manifest in our life, but they now surface as mere temporary distractions.

  • The more our focus on STAGE 6 stabilizes, the more trying emotional challenges we face when we get pulled down to lower stages.

        These are caused by unfulfilled desires and deep attachment to emotions that can only be experienced on lower levels. To get rid of these challenges, we need to experience them one last time, - which means to go back to the emotional density and turbulence of lower stages.

        Patience, perseverance and the conviction that we will ascend again always help to gain back STAGE 6.

        The greater our courage to let go of deep egoistic motivations, the faster our consciousness expands again.

  • The shift back to the emotional confusion of lower stages may sometimes trigger despair and fear that our life is not expanding, - or that 'mistakes' committed on lower stages prevent us from reaching higher ones.

        Well, - no 'mistake' ever has the power to retain us on lower stages. Experiences we interpret as 'negative' simply inform us what works and what doesn't in our life. Once we completed a particular lesson, our focus automatically shifts to higher levels, - as we experienced it many times while growing up.

        Confused feelings arise out of the considerable contrast between STAGE 6 and lower ones. They tell us that we are shedding obstructive emotions and attachments by re-experiencing them briefly one last time. Brief feelings of this kind are a characteristic trait at this particular stage.

        Being aware of this mechanism shortens such times. Yet even without this approach these negative emotions always dissipate after a short time.

  • We recognize that we waste valuable energy when we allow ourselves to get distracted by irrelevant themes - often manifesting in form of pointless gossip or the 'endless running commentary' with which our mind incessantly accompanies the banalities of daily life. We observe how this detains us (and others) on lower levels.

        (Small talk definitely has its purpose. It represents an outer shell of contact - while the real social and emotional fine-tuning of relationships happens on a deeper - non-verbal - level.)

        Yet during a major unfolding of our consciousness talk about irrelevant themes significantly interferes with our expansion. It is recommended to avoid this.


STAGE 6 - PHASE 2 - Our Key to STAGE 7

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After some time our focus shifts fully to STAGE 6 with the emotional turmoil of lower levels hardly ever touching us any more.

    We now enter PHASE 2. Yet this second phase is as instable as PHASE 1.

    As we enter PHASE 2 we begin to oscillate between STAGE 6 and 7 until we become sufficiently familiar with the far higher energies and broader perceptions of STAGE 7 to proceed further.

    This instability concerns only our inner perception, not the material environment.
  • It may e.g. show as an impulse to act, - while one second later we realize that the intended action would only yield irrelevant results and thus become pointless.
  • It may show as the impulse to teach; - immediately followed by the realization that no-one on a lower level is capable of understanding the real meaning of what we say.
    Yet these oscillations are signs of our attuning to the high energies of STAGE 7.

    As we stabilize these energies,
  • our desire for teaching e.g. begins to manifest in form of radiating knowledge rather than verbal instruction.
  • Our desire for action e.g. becomes an intuitive flow rather than manifesting through effort.
  • Our desire for knowledge opens deeper layers of understanding within us, far beyond formal learning and the accumulation of data-bits and pieces.
    Growing sovereignty, inner peace and increasing detachment from irrelevant themes accompany this inner expansion.


Getting Familiar With Higher Stages

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Stages we experience more permanently soon start to feel entirely normal while memories of lower levels fade.

    This happens in ALL stages.

    The time we passed on lower levels we now regard as a less developed state that hardly influences our present - similarly as our childhood has little bearing on us now.

Changes within us

If we want to find out how far we progressed, we only need to recall any earlier deep immersion in irritating feelings and events, - and how sovereign we now steer our life.

    As we contrast our present actions and ideas to those of friends and relatives whose lives did not expand, we can't help noticing how different the themes are that now attract our focus.



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Ecstatic experiences arise from the contrast between our predominant stage and a (temporary) insight into a higher level.

    Ecstasy is usually highly volatile. It gets easily disturbed by longing for the familiar lower stages. As we steadily dissolve these desires, our experiences automatically become more stable.

    Yet once we PERMANENTLY experience a higher stage, it matures into the NORMAL state while the feeling of ecstasy fades.


Expectation of Supernatural Experiences

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Many expect supernatural light, massive expansions of space, ethereal bliss etc. as they rise to higher inner dimensions.

    Experiences of this kind are certainly possible but will become steady only from STAGE 7 onwards.

    Yet by expecting grandiose visions, ecstasy etc. we severely restrict our perceptions to only what we want to encounter. Thus we easily deprive ourselves of many other expansive experiences that do not match our expectations.

    The (stable) experience of higher stages is not necessarily coupled with ecstasy.

    While hoping for a massive 'supernatural' breakthrough - which rarely occurs in lower stages - we easily miss the less spectacular but nevertheless genuine higher insights daily life continuously offers.

    These everyday openings (sudden insight into our situation from a superior perspective, moments of wider comprehension, impulses for activities that broaden our life etc.) are the very keys to a stable perception of higher dimensions of our consciousness - if we only pursue and amplify these impulses.

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Hermann Kuhn
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