Stage 5 - First Focused Activities


  • Directing our ACTIONS towards freedom
  • First transfer of our insights into activity


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Rising to  STAGE  5
  may possibly be the hardest thing we ever do in this life.

    STAGE 4 brought us clear mental insight into the functioning of the world and our personal goals. In STAGE 5 we use this clarity to consciously direct our action towards ultimate freedom.

Starting Needs Energy
The transition from STAGE 4 to STAGE 5 can be compared to the beginning of a 'jogging'-program.

    We know exactly that we need to do something for our body. Yet though we intend to start the program, we always put this off to 'tomorrow'.

    Eventually we take heart and really begin, but for some days experience only effort without enjoying it. We need to raise considerable energy to carry through.

    - This initial phase corresponds to our experience of STAGE 4; - we somehow do something for our growth, but are not successful enough to gain more energy than we invest. -

    Then - after ten to twelve days - we notice changes within us. We feel more energetic, dynamic and radiate a distinctly stronger bodily presence. Our jogging runs automatic now and we begin to enjoy it.

Transiting to STAGE 5
In a similar way we experience the transition from STAGE 4 to STAGE 5. At first it feels unfamiliar and strenuous to direct activities towards expansion. Yet once we get first positive results, we feel encouraged and notice that we now steer life far more efficiently than ever before -
  • We realize with growing clarity what is true and what is not, and what kind of action makes us expand
  • Our compassion and understanding of others intensifies. We become aware of issues that escaped us before
  • We begin to notice how much nature supports our growth
  • We sense something magnificent unfold within us
    In all this we are carried by an additional energy that amplifies all our efforts.

    We already know this additional dynamism from projects that inspire us intensely. Though working for these projects might mentally and physically exhaust us, the inspiration fuels us far beyond our usual limits of energy and ability.


The Challenge

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As we enter STAGE 5 we fully recognize what lines of action lead to greater freedom, but initially REJECT to transfer this insight into action. We know exactly what activities and emotions we need to start or change, but we don't act accordingly.

    We hesitate -

  • because we fear new attitudes and lines of action may change our life too deeply and too fast for our taste
  • because we are far too complacent to raise the necessary energy, or
  • we simply lack courage.

    We find uncounted reasons to rationalize our procrastination.

    Yet there's no starting gun. We alone need to decide when to start acting on our insights. Nothing will ever change or expand in our life, if we don't start with it. Without going for something new, we'll keep experiencing the same old themes in endless repetition. As we tire of this monotony and boredom, we find the courage to begin.

    This means to actively engage in situations - agreeable as well as difficult ones - that are emotionally charged. This means to actively seek confrontation with persons or situations of whose (domineering) influence we want to free our life. It means to purposely create conditions in which long-unfulfilled desires, dreams, ideas (and possibly also dreads) become real.

    The more energy we invest into manifesting these uncompleted themes, the faster more fascinating dimensions open up to us.

Real Inner Freedom
There is no reason why any conscious confrontation should only be loaded with negative emotions.

    One example: Though we tend to feel burdened or timid when heading for a clash with someone whose power we fear, there's no compulsion to focus only on the tensions that might accompany the confrontation.

    If - instead - we see it as the decisive step towards freedom from the dreaded influence, this reinforces us with immense additional motivation, energy and dynamism.

    Any anxiety we may experience during the dispute lasts only for this meeting, while the outcome can easily open a new sovereign, unencumbered and independent life for us.

    And - no matter what the result of this confrontation may be - we always profit from it. We in any case experience new freedom because we now know how courageous we are. We realized that we do carry out what we set ourselves to do. And we released the pressures that accompany such unresolved issues.


Unfulfilled Desires

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All aspirations, desires, hopes we forever keep postponing, for whose realization we never mustered sufficient courage, attach us to exactly these desires. As long as we avoid creating a reality in which these dreams can manifest, we'll always feel an urge to express them. Even if this itch appears to fade during the course of our life, this never dissolves the original bond.

    Unfulfilled aspirations are the main cause for further incarnations. We will always be drawn to new embodiments as long as longings for physical experiences remain unfulfilled within.


Practical Tips

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  • Even on STAGE 5 intense negative emotions may still dominate our actions and mood at times.

        Though we are aware of this emotional shadow, we can barely control our behavior and purposely steer our life during these outbreaks. This may disrupt the continuity of our growth once and again.

        Patience, understanding and perseverance help to overcome such temporary outbursts.

  • The more we separate our emotions from material objects and worries, the more inner and outer freedom we experience.

  • The more we recognize that progress depends entirely on how much energy we invest into acting on our insights, the more our environment supports our actions.


Being Afraid of Our Fear

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Deliberate confrontation with situations whose outcome is uncertain and unforeseeable easily triggers initial fear or apprehension. Yet this fear and disquiet are an integral part of the situation we intend to dissolve.

    Intentionally confronting touchy situations requires courage, but is highly effective. A successful conclusion becomes far more likely if we also prepare for strong emotional reactions WITHIN US and reserve additional energy for neutralizing our possible fears - apart from setting strong goals for the encounter.

    Being afraid of the 'initial fear' itself doesn't make sense. As long as fear is a theme of our life we cannot escape it by trying to avoid fear. By avoiding situations we believe will produce fear, we merely transfer this negative emotion to other situations, persons or objects. Only by intentionally confronting our fear - by realizing how irrelevant it really is - do we remove fear's original cause.


How to Access STAGE 6

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Roughly three months after we started acting on our insights, a surge of additional energy enhances our growth.

    During the three month following that, our new sovereignty stabilizes. The burden of touchy situations and unfulfilled desires diminishes. The basis for our first ecstatic breakthrough to STAGE 6 is established.

    The breakthrough happens after we completed manifesting our major desires, so our focus is not detracted by this any more.

    It is not necessary to physically experience all our desires and we also don't need to realize all minor details. It mostly is sufficient to manifest our two, three major dreams or challenges. On the basis of the new sovereignty gained we then evaluate our remaining desires from a new perspective. This often dissolves our emotional attachment to unresolved themes without us needing to manifest them.

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