Stage 3 - Fragile Indecision


  • Learning how to decide for growth
  • Clarity mixed with the pull towards the emotional density of STAGE 1


  • 2-3 min  ( max. 48 min )


In  STAGE  3
  we experience the clarity of STAGE 4 and the pull towards the emotional involvement of STAGE 1 simultaneously.

    Initially we are unable to perceive this stage. As long as our flash-insights into STAGE 4 remain fleeting, our descent to STAGE 1 happens too fast for any intermediary stage to leave impressions.

    Yet once these insights become longer and more intense (once we direct attention towards them), we begin to perceive the clear understanding of STAGE 4 and the emotional cocoon of STAGE 1 simultaneously.

    We experience this transitional state after we lost our hold on the clarity of STAGE 4 and are about to slip back to the familiar emotional cocoon of STAGE 1.


A State of Ambivalence

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This feels like a strange balance during which we neither want to regain the clear understanding of STAGE 4, nor to give in to the pull of the familiar hypnotic envelope of STAGE 1.

    With unseeing eyes we look at nothing in particular and mainly feel our indecisiveness inside. We are unable to act in this ambivalence.

    Rarely do we remain longer than 2-3 minutes in STAGE 3. The maximum time we can stay here is 48 minutes.

    As soon as this equilibrium becomes disturbed and a tendency towards clear understanding or dense emotions emerges, we either regain STAGE 4 or fall down to STAGE 1.


How to Employ STAGE 3

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Though we stay only briefly in STAGE 3, we should not disregard its impact. Here an important process takes place that stabilizes our access to higher regions.

    When we experience the vacillating ambivalence of this stage, we know for sure that we are in the process of falling down to STAGE 1.

    If at this time we make a conscious effort to regain clarity, we create a momentum that ultimately will shift our focus permanently to STAGE 4 - irrespective whether each single effort is successful or not.

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Hermann Kuhn
'Unlimited Horizons'

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